Build and Share Your Own E-Learning Stock Image Library #72

I was revisiting some of the old E-Learning challenges and came across this one: Build and Share Your Own E-Learning Stock Image Library #72. Having worked in a few companies as the role of a learning designer, finding images without having to pay for them, with no budget, is one of my biggest challenges. It is time consuming, and if you are not a professional photographer with a great camera, you can run the risk of poor quality photos.

Over the years I have worked on improving my photography. Thankfully in the last couple of roles I have managed to attract interesting projects to help inspire me, not to mention get me out of the office. For example, working for a rail company, I was asked to develop a course of Electrification Safety Basics to help build awareness for working around overhead power lines over the tracks. So off I went, iPhone in hand to grab some photos of the overheads around the metro lines in Auckland. Some of these were specifically taken around Onehunga.

Here is some of the photos that I took for the project. I have added the original hi-res images in Resources. Click on the image to open the file.

Electrification Photos



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