Storytelling with Animated Text, Images, Sound, and Video in E-Learning #158

Storytelling in eLearning is something I have only recently started to play with. Working with a team on a Zero Harm project (in the role of Learning Designer and eLearning Developer), we are developing courses on the company’s critical risks, including Health, Safety and Environmental Risk Management. For our Senior Management Team, I employed the storytelling technique to reduce the amount of interaction required (this was a preference of the group).

The example features animated text and graphics synced with audio narration. The on-screen text is minimal and relies on supporting visuals to complement the audio.

A while back, a colleague I developed a customer service course. Using blended learning to break up the course content into sizeable chunks, we also employed the storytelling technique (this was the first time we had ever done this). My role in this particular project was as the storyboard designer, and my colleague, Marisna Roodt was the eLearning developer.

My colleague and I learnt a lot of lessons in the development of this course, including the importance of decent audio equipment, and allowing for more development time to consider other visual elements to reduce some of the text.



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