In becomming a contributor (89:10:1 ratio)

I have belonged to the Articulate E-Learning Heroes community since 2013. In the last few months I have been reconsidering my lurker role where I was once happy to read, try the free samples but never participate. Lately I have been considering that it might be time to leave this stalker-ish type behaviour behind, leave my comfort zone and step into the (world) wide web as a contributor.

As an instructional designer permanently employed within an insurance company I am responsible for not just contributing but actually creating content. So why wait so long? Nerves? Probably. So here I am, no longer the 89%, but now one of the 10% of people actively participating. Here it is, my very first response to a challenge proposed by the E-Learning Heroes community.

The challenge was to design an e-learning cover slide by which to set the stage for the following course content. Here is what I came up with (cover page only):

Challenge 117